Rebecca Black says Katy Perry and Lady Gaga gave her ‘no choice but to serve c**t’

Rebecca Black has credited pop titans Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for helping her at the start of her career, saying she now has “no choice but to serve c**t”.

Black’s early career was a tumultuous one. After the release of her debut single “Friday”, the Californian singer, then just 13, faced a wave of criticism, with some people calling it the “worst song ever“.

A few years later, Black was even told to “switch pronouns” in her songs when she started explicitly writing lyrics about girls, before coming out as queer in 2020.

It seems that Gaga and Perry may have had a sense that the “Crumbs” songstress needed some support, as she has revealed that they lent her a few helping hands back in the day.

Following on from a Twitter prompt which asked what the best cameo by a celebrity in a music video is, one respondent said it was Black in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T. G. I. F.)”, writing that it is “still the smartest idea Katy Perry ever had”.

That’s when Black herself chimed in, thanking Perry and Gaga for “lifting her up” when viral hit “Friday” was receiving negative comments.

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“When Katy and Gaga become the only two people to genuinely lift u up as a kid, when the rest of the world is sh*tting on u, u have no choice but to serve c**t when u grow up. There I said it,” Black, now 25, wrote.

Black, who released her debut studio album, Let Her Burn, earlier this year, didn’t stop there, explaining that while she may not have “talked about this much”, she really does have a lot of reasons to thank Gaga and Perry.

“Katy spent so much time talking to me and trying to encourage me when she brought me on stage and had me in that video. Gaga’s crew gave me and my family Monster Ball tickets in my home town.

“As a kid, with what felt like a perpetual ‘kick me’ sign on my back, that was kindness I really needed. Mothers mothering thru n thru.”

Rebecca Black is currently on tour, with limited tickets available now.

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