Pedro Pascal wants you to know he’s not your daddy – and he’s never going to be your daddy

Pedro Pascal has finally put the ‘daddy’ narrative to bed – and spectacularly misunderstood what the term meant in the first place.

It was fast becoming the debate of the century. Is Pedro Pascal more famous for his generation-defining roles as the titular Mandalorian in Disney+’s series and his turn as Joel in HBO’s fungal apocalypse adaptation The Last of Usor is he more famous for being the internet’s “cool, slutty daddy“?

Well, unfortunately for those with para-social daddy issues, Pedro Pascal has given his take on which he’d rather be known for; and, despite him leaning into the joke previously, it’s not the answer for which the internet might have hoped.

Taking part in The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actor’s Roundtable, Pedro Pascal has dished on his daddy status, and even though he’s “having fun with it”, it doesn’t appear that he’s fully invested.

When Jeff Bridges asked Pascal if he was actually a ‘daddy’ ,Mr Pascal had a resounding ‘no’ for the assembled thespians.

“I’m not a daddy. And I’m not gonna be a daddy!”

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Kieran Culkin, who was sat next to Pascal, then chimed in with a top-tier double entendre that, although the latter actor is a father of two, “nobody likes [his] daddy parts.”

“What did you just say? ‘Nobody likes my daddy parts’?” Pascal asked Culkin as the rest of the panel laughed.

Culkin then added: “They like your daddy parts.”

In another facet of the conversation, it seems that Pascal has spectacularly misjudged what ‘daddy’ actually means in the context of the internet. Anyone online will know that the term is essentially used to describe someone sexy and dominant – Freud is rolling in his grave, we know.

Sweet, innocent Pedro Pascal, however, has got the wrong end of the psychologically questionable stick, and thinks that the term is to do with his Mandalorian and The Last of Us characters.

“It seems a little role-related. There was a period where the Mandalorian is very daddy to baby Grogu, and Joel is very daddy to Ellie. These are daddy parts. That’s what it is,” he said.

To clarify – Joel is not ‘daddy’ to Ellie. Joel is ‘father figure’ to Ellie. The two are very different.

Pedro Pascal is next set to star in in recently-premiered-at-Cannes queer Western Strange Way of Life. He plays plays Ethan Hawke’s cowboy ex-lover, in a short film branded ‘Brokeback Mountain with DILFs‘.

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