Sarah Paulson and Pedro Pascal played ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ on SNL, and absolutely no one is OK

Pedro Pascal Sarah Paulson

Saturday Night Live continues to be the gift that keeps on giving after Sarah Paulson made a surprise appearance alongside Pedro Pascal for a hilarious sketch as ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’.

That’s right, horny fans everywhere were united in thirst after The Last of Us star graduated to full-time daddy in a hilarious sketch during his stint at the most recent host of SNL.

In the “Fancam Assembly” sketch, Pascal plays as a school teacher named Mr. Ben who is delivering a school assembly. During the presentation, he attempts to unravel why students are making insanely thirsty fancams of him.

“You’ve made thousands of fancams of me, and I’m not sure what they mean,” he says in a befuddled manner.

The rest of the cast members, playing high schoolers, then attempt to explain why has them in a “chokehold”, but it only serves to confuse him even more.

The students then explain that the pandemic has pulled them into being “online forever”, meaning that they’ve now officially adopted Pascal as “Daddy” and another teacher by the name of Ms Jenny as “Mommy”.

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It’s at the point that gay icon Sarah Paulson appears as Ms Jenny, giving the internet everything they’ve ever wanted.

After they admit they are in love with each other, Paulson quips: “Fine. He’s daddy. I’m mommy. We’re a happy family. No crumbs left.”

The moment is made even better by the fact that Paulson and Pascal have 30 years of extremely wholesome friendship between them.

The sketch comes after Pascal entered his “daddy” era, regularly referencing it in interviews. In one clip he confirms he is the “daddiest daddy”. In another, he gives birth to the infamous quote “daddy is a state of mind”.

And of course, he sent the gays spiralling recently after uttering the phrase “I am your cool slutty daddy” on the red carpet while promoting The Last of Us.

Naturally, the combination of thirsty fancams and Pascal simply saying “daddy” caused fans to lose their collective minds.

Of course, they’re not the only celebrities vying for the title, with Drew Barrymore and Natasha Lyonne recently declaring themselves “mommy and daddy” to Aubrey Plaza – an extremely gay trio if we ever saw one.

But Pascal is putting in the hard work right now. The actor, who is making waves playing Joel in the hugely successful video game adaptation of The Last of Us, also took part in a hilarious parody trailer for a Mario Kart movie trailer on SNL in which he played the beloved Nintendo mascot, but with an apocalyptic twist.

As long as Pedro Pascal rides the daddy era, the gays keep winning – we don’t make the rules.

The Last of Us airs every Sunday at 9pm ET on HBO and Monday 2am GMT on Sky.

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