SOPHIE’s label to release her posthumous album featuring Kim Petras

sophie new music

SOPHIE’s label is releasing new music from the late artist. SOPHIE’s posthumous album called SOPHIE is set to feature Kim Petras on one of the tracks.

Sophie Xeon was a trailblazing trans musician and producer who tragically died at the age of 34 after she climbed to watch the full moon and slipped in 2021.

Now, SOPHIE’s record label Transgressive and management company Future Classic have announced that new music is on the way in the form of her first and last posthumous album. The late artist and Benny Long both produced the new album.

As per a press release, the artist was almost finished with her upcoming album before her untimely death. Her posthumous work has been dubbed “the final SOPHIE album release”.

The new album will see the collaborative track “Reason Why” by SOPHIE, BC Kingdom and Petras, which was released on 24 June.

Petras announced the new single on its release date, taking to Instagram with album art from the upcoming album which read: “SOPHIE”.

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“Reason Why is out now!!! @msmsmsm_forever @bckingdom

“Soph you’re still changing music!!! I’m so happy to have this piece of you with me, I love you forever,” she wrote. “Love u @bckingdom.”

SOPHIE’s label took to Instagram on the same date to announce that “it only feels right to share with the world the music she hoped to release, in the belief that we can all connect with her in this, the form she loved most”.

They continued: “Sophie gave all of herself to her music. It’s here that she can always be found.”

SOPHIE’s last album was the Grammy Award-nominated 2018 work, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. But since her death, very little new music has been released.

Unsound Festival released a compilation entitled Intermission in the year of her tragic death, which featured the collaboration between Jlin and the late artist, called “JSLOIPNHIE”.

Prior to her death, SOPHIE worked with and wrote music for artists including Charli XCX, Madonna, Petras, Lady Gaga, and more.

SOPHIE’s new album SOPHIE is out on 27 September. “Reason Why” by SOPHIE featuring Kim Petras and BC Kingdom is out now. 

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