Canada vs. The World cast member pleads with fans to stop ‘running joke that isn’t funny any more’

Kennedy Davenport in her Canada Vs. The World promo

Canada Vs. The World season two contestant Kennedy Davenport has asked fans to stop a running joke in which they spell the performer’s name wrong, ahead of the season airing.

Kennedy Davenport, who first appeared on season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2015, before returning to All Stars 3 just a few years later, is back for round three – crystallised, and ready for the runway.

Before going up against the gagworthy cast of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada Vs. The World, which includes two fourth time returnees, the French porkchop and Cheryl, she’s got some things to say.

One of those things, it turns out, is how to spell her name. If you cast your mind back to 2018 (when Kennedy made the All Stars 3 finale) the dancing diva of Texas sent out a now-legendary tweet, in which she wrote “I AM STILL HERE!!! LOVE ON ME. #TeamKenney”.

Though the first tweet is now deleted, the second – “Sorry I spelled my own name wrong lol I been dranking,” remains on Twitter (now X) to this day.

Prompted by yesterday’s (June 26) cast reveal for Canada Vs. The World, season two, the hashtag ‘TeamKenney’ has been making the rounds – but Kennedy (with the d) has asked fans to let it go.

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In response to a fan joking that they were Team Kenney once again, the queen replied: “Please spell it right, I’m asking you. It’s a running joke that isn’t funny any more. I don’t want to mislead new fans. Please stop.”

She replied to another fan with “Just Team Kennedy please”, and a third by asking: “Please do the proper hashtag or don’t at all.”

Kennedy is up against eight other queens competing to succeed Ra’Jah O’Hara as Queen of the Motherpucking World.

Alongside her US franchise sisters Eureka and Alexis Mateo, Kennedy will be facing the Canadian contingent of Lemon, Miss Fiercalicious and Tynomi Banks, British drag stars Cheryl and Le Fil, and the first Drag Race France queen to be eliminated, La Kahena.

Season two of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World will air on 19 July on BBC iPlayer in the UK, Crave in Canada, and WOW Presents Plus globally.

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