Why do LGBTQ+ people – including Troye Sivan – love Charli XCX so much? The answer’s pretty simple

Two certified queens of pop, namely Charli XCX and Troye Sivan, just got together to perform “1999” at Wembley Stadium and it was, of course, iconic.

Gay superstar Troye Sivan played Wembley on Thursday (27 June) as part of his “Something To Give Each Other” tour. For the last song of his main performance, he brought out Charli XCX and the crowd, understandably, went wild.

    It was pretty good timing, as after the recent release of her sixth studio album, Brat, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter is back and bolder than ever.

    For a long time, she has been branded a queer icon, so let’s look back at the “Von dutch” singer’s career to investigate why her LGBTQ+ fans adore her so much.

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    Charli XCX performs during Live and Proud: Sydney WorldPride
    Charli XCX has long championed LGBTQ+ artists. (Don Arnold/Getty)

    Supporting the LGBTQ+ community

    First up, she’s an absolutely gold star, grade A ally. Throughout her career, Charli has supported LGBTQ+ artists through tours, features and collaborations.

    Charli has collaborated with countless queer artists including Troye Sivan (of course) and Kim Petras.

    As well as big stars, she has worked with the likes of Tommy Genesis, Dorian Electra, Mykki Blanco, Pabllo Vittar and Big Freedia.

    It’s not just LGBTQ+ musicians who she’s uplifted, Charli has also championed drag artists.

    In her music videos for “Good Ones” and “Hot In It”, numerous drag performers, some from RuPaul’s Drag Race, take centre stage. 

    Charli has also been vocal about LGBTQ+ rights in politics, she’s unafraid to call out wrongdoings.

    Last year, Charli made her thoughts very clear about the UK Tory government’s treatment of trans people.

    “I’m absolutely disgusted by the continued violence towards the trans community by this current UK government,” she posted.

    “the transgender and non binary communities face discrimination and prejudice every day and this absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for attack on transgender healthcare is just another violent act of hatred.”

    She also addressed hate comments aimed at Sam Smith; the “Unholy” singer had been the subject of horrific and unwarranted hate.

    Ahead of her track with Smith being released, Charli noted the experience of seeing such hate had “been really disheartening.”

    She added: “So I just want to say, Sam, I love you. I love our song together, and I am in awe of your strength.”

    Charli XCX at Billboard Women In Music 2024
    Charli XCX is THE pop girlie. (Rich Polk/Getty)

    She’s a pop girlie with hits!

    Charli is undeniably one of this generation’s most iconic pop girlies.

    Her fans are not exclusively LGBTQ+ people, but they flock to her like a true mother of pop for her outrageously catchy beats and punchy lyrics.

    Charli has written for films include Hot 100 hit “Speed Drive” from Barbie and Top 10 hit “Boom Clap” from The Fault In Our Stars. 

    While her feature on Icona Pop’s “I Love It” made it to number seven in the Billboard Top 10 in 2013, her feature on Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” stood firmly at number one for seven weeks.

    Famously, she once said: “Generally, the queer community just has, like, better taste.”

    She is truly invested in giving fans a memorable experience which involves signing the oestrogen of her trans fans and douches for her gay fans.

    Charli was also honoured with the Powerhouse Award, for her exceptional achievements, at Billboard Women In Music Awards.

    Charli XCX at the Après Met 2 Met Gala After Party, wearing sunglasses in a room that is full of cloud-looking art on the floor.
    Charli XCX is big on TikTok. (Aurora Rose/Getty)

    She’s a TikTok icon

    As well as releasing hit after hit and standing up for the LGBTQ+ community, Charli is hilarious on TikTok, and frequently features her gay BFFs in her videos.

    One of her most recent posts sees her dancing in a park with a friend lip syncing to “Brat”.


    brat summer essentials

    ♬ 365 – Charli xcx

    The caption reads: “another big part of brat summer is having a gay bfs who is *not* over it.”

    She also regularly shares the artwork, memes and album promotion created by her fans.

    These sorts of post range from heartfelt posts to Charli-inspired tattoos to the excessive use of bright green that is associated with her album. 

    A hilarious slide of a meme sees Charli referencing that “gay guys” who see “anything vaguely green” ask “is this Brat?”

    Charli XCX performs onstage
    Charli XCX has dropped Brat! (Rich Fury/Getty)

    Brat is for the girls and the gays

    Charli’s Brat is a much-anticipated album that the girls and the gays were hungry for.

    The pop superstar gathered famous faces from all around the entertainment world for her “360” music video.

    Within the video, directed by Aidan Zamiri, Charli arrives at a mother convention where the Internet’s It Girls are gathered.

    Charli then recruits trans celebrities including trans Barbie star Hari Nef, model and influencer Alex Consani and non-binary model Richie Shazam.

    Elsewhere on Brat, a tribute to trans musician Sophie, who died in 2021, is a moving song on the album. 

    The track “So I” is a heart rendering ode to the late visionary producer and songwriter who Charli frequently collaborated with – she credits Sophie with believing in her so strongly. 

    Brat is out now.

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