Glastonbury goes wild for Sam Smith’s surprise appearance with Disclosure: ‘Phenomenal, as always’

Sam Smith at Pinkpop Festival

Non-binary icon Sam Smith joined electronic dance duo Disclosure during their Glastonbury set, much to the surprise of the crowd.

Smith appeared on the Other Stage to perform “Latch”, which was released by them and Disclosure in 2012.

Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence introduced Smith by saying: “So, guys, listen, about eight years ago we did another song on this stage. A song I feel some of you might want to hear. Anyone know what that song might be? It’s a song that changed our lives.

“It’s a bit of a deep cut. Oh, and one more thing, please welcome Sam Smith.”

The pop star came onstage in a black tracksuit, and sporting a beard, to take over the vocals on the track.


Sam Smith joined Disclosure on the Other Stage at Glastonbury for ‘Latch’ last night and it was a moment 😮‍💨 #disclosure #latch #samsmith #housemusic #ravingreview

♬ Latch – Disclosure

A video of the set posted on TikTok showed the crowd jumping up and down, singing along and cheering wildly.

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One fan later wrote on X/Twitter: “Can we just take a moment to appreciate Sam Smith’s guest appearance during Disclosure’s set at Glastonbury. They are looking damn fine.”

EMI records described it as “an unforgettable night” while other fans said the performance was “phenomenal, as always”.

Disclosure previously told the BBC that Smith was a good friend, going as far to say the star is their “favourite person to write with in the world”. The trio collaborated again in 2015 for “Omen.”

The duo also performed a cover of Faithless’ I Can’t Get No Sleep and Insomnia. At one point, Guy Lawrence stopped to address the crowd and discuss UK dance music.

“This is our second time doing this slow but we would not be up here if it was not for bands like Faithless, people like Maxi Jazz, rest in peace, Orbital, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy,” he said. “The UK has the best f***ing dance-music culture in the world and we hope you liked that little rendition.”

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