AIDs campaigner found dead after abduction in Jamaica

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A Jamaican AIDs activist was abducted and murdered by gunmen on the

eve on Worlds Aids Day, it emerged this week.

Police in the Caribbean Island confirmed that least four assailants

forced their way into home of Steve Harvey (30) when he returned fromwork around 1 a.m. They tied up him and two people staying with him,before stealing a number of their possessions, and then abducting the activist in his company car.

Mr Harvey was found with gunshot wounds in his back and head in rural area, miles from his home.

Peter Tatchell, of the gay rights group OutRage! praised Mr Harvey’s contribution to the rights of those suffering HIV: “Mr Harvey had played a leading role in the HIV charity, Jamaica AIDS Support, since 1997. He organised HIV awareness and prevention programmes for gay men and sex workers.”

“OutRage! salutes Steve’s immense courage and dedication. He played a pivotal role in ensuring that safer sex advice and condoms were available to all Jamaicans, including gay and bisexual men.”

Police are continuing to investigate the whereabouts of the four assailants.