Police raid club in drugs bust- gay club night may be cancelled

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Over two hundred police officers from the Metropolitan Police’s CO14 specialist clubs and vice squad have raided the Fridge nightclub in the Brixton, south London.

The raid that begun at around 11.25 pm last night, was first reported on PinkNews.co.uk at around midnight on Sunday morning.

Around half of the officers stormed the club’s front door whilst backup officers covered the rear of the venue that was hosting its weekly Polysexual club night.

The operation follows two months covert intelligence by the Metropolitan Police allegedly uncovering supply of cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy inside and around the female toilets.

Earlier yesterday, a 29-year-old man was arrested in Harrow, north London on suspicion of possession of intent to supply controlled drugs at the venue.

Officers took control of the club, switching off music and turning the lights up with the support of undercover officers who entered the club posing as revellers.

Anyone caught in possession with drugs is likely to be arrested and cautioned whilst police sources have already indicated that they have made at least five arrests.

Chief Superintendent Martin Bridger, Borough Commander for Lambeth, said that he recognises that the raid may have spoilt the night of many innocent clubbers but insisted that the trade in Class A substances must be tackled.

“Drug dealers and the misery that they cause are not welcome in Lambeth,” he said. “The local community and police will not tolerate their criminal behaviour.”

He added : “There will be a review of the premises and the control mechanisms in place for keeping drugs out.”

The club which is popular with the gay community is due to host a large gay party running from the evening of Easter Sunday and the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday.

It is not currently known in the “Orange Royal Spectacular” event will go ahead as planned.