Lesbian mum opposes “illegitimate homosexuality” leaflet

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A lesbian mum has expressed anger after her daughter brought home a school sex education pamphlet which branded homosexuality as “contrary to the laws of nature.”

Angela Williams was shocked when her 12-year old showed her a pamphlet, The Top 10 Questions Teenagers Ask about Sex, which was given to her at Honeysuckle Middle School in Montgomery.

Ms Williams told the Dothan Eagle: “I got to question eight and my jaw dropped.

“I can’t believe they went there.”

Question 8 asks, “What can I do if I am attracted to someone of the same sex?” The answer includes the statement: “Too often, homosexuality is shown as a legitimate lifestyle equal to a heterosexual lifestyle.” It also describes homosexuality as “contrary to the laws of nature.”

The school principal, Patsy Slaughter, defended the leaflet, which formed part of a three day workshop class but said it would be reconsidered, “It’s a good programme, but that’s not to say that it can’t be reviewed and that’s what we’re going to do.”