Homophobic pensioner is given gagging ASBO

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A 76-year-old man from north London has been placed under an anti-social behaviour order for racial and homophobic verbal abuse directed at fellow care home residents.

David Lilley, who lives in a sheltered housing complex in Cricklewood, has a record of abusing, threatening and spitting at staff and other residents.

He was unrepentant in court, claiming his neighbours make too much noise and keep him awake at night.

District Judge Carlos Dabezies was not impressed. The Hendon Times reports him as telling Lilley: “You have to watch your mouth. You will remain where you are until the council finds you another place, but you will be subject to this order for two years.

“As annoying as it is to you, you simply have no choice but to adhere to the Asbo, because otherwise you will be imprisoned.”

He is banned from slamming doors, shouting, using homophobic or racist language and hammering on walls or slamming dustbin lids.