Lego releases new sets and deals to celebrate Star Wars Day 2024

Lego releases new sets and deals to celebrate Star Wars Day 2024

Lego has released seven new sets to celebrate Star Wars Day – and this is everything you need to know.

To celebrate a galaxy far, far away, Lego is dropping new sets and offering fans of the franchise some exclusive deals across the week.

The Star Wars event is running between 1-5 May, with extra special offers on sets on 4 May via

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There’s seven new sets to choose from, including the 1931-piece TIE Interceptor for £199.99, which is a re-designed version of the Ultimate Collector Series model that was released back in the year 2000.

Star Wars Day Lego set.
The new TIE Interceptor features 1931 pieces. (Lego)

Other new sets released for Star Wars Day include Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator for £59.99 and Droideka for £59.99.

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There’s also a Mos Espa Podrace Diorama set for £69.99, BARC Speeder Escape for £24.99 and Clone Commander Cody for £9.99.

Finishing up the new releases is The Phantom Menace set, featuring six figurines of Jar Jar Binks, Anakin Skywalker, Queen Amidala, Captain Panaka, Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul for £49.99.

Plus Lego has also released a coffee table book as the company continues to celebrate 25 years of Lego Star Wars.

The 312-page illustrated book features interviews with 50 insiders at Lego and Lucasfilm and tells the story of the Lego Star Wars brand.

You can find out more about Lego’s Star Wars Day events and shop the full collection at

What are the Lego set deals for Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Day Lego sets.
The new Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator set. (Lego)

Lego said: “We’re celebrating Star Wars Day with some extra special offers and exclusive gifts with purchases on selected Lego sets for May the 4th celebrations.”

The offers and exclusives will take place from 1-5 May, but fans should keep an extra eye out on 4 May for the best deals, and you can head to to find out more.

Lego Inside members will also get to enjoy exclusive promotions to celebrate Star Wars Day. If you’re not a member you can sign up for free at

Some of the current deals for Lego Insiders members include a £40 saving on X-Wing Starfighter, £70 saving on Mos Eisley Cantina and £30 saving on Ghost & Phanton II.

Plus you can also earn double points when purchasing all of the new Star Wars sets alongside classics.