Drag Race star Trinity K Bonet claps back at Derrick Barry: ‘I want no part of this sh*t anymore’

Drag Race stars Derrick Barry (left) and Trinity K Bonet (right) post on the season 14 finale red carpet.

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Trinity K Bonet has fired back at fellow queen Derrick Barry after she said she would never work with Trinity again.

Last month, Britney Spears impersonator and season eight star Derrick Barry said she felt she was living in Trinity’s “nightmare” when the pair worked together during the Las Vegas-based show, RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE in 2022.

Derrick said that Trinity wanted to do a Beyoncé mix for the live show, but the producers couldn’t get the rights to the songs, so she was forced to do a Whitney Houston number instead.

“I think in her mind she was coming to Vegas to be Beyoncé,” Derrick said. “I was so excited to work with her because I’m Britney, she’s Beyoncé, and I think it just wasn’t what she thought it was going to be,” she told PRIDE.

“I’ve always said: ‘You can never give anyone the power to make your dream job a nightmare’. And I feel sometimes I was living in her nightmare,” she added.

While Derrick said that she and Trinity “didn’t mesh well together”, she wished her all the best regardless.

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Now, several days after the video of Derrick’s comments were shared online, Trinity has hit back and alleged that Derrick would blank her.

In an Instagram post, Trinity claimed that the RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE bosses “won’t reply back” to her about her returning to the show, which she said now “makes sense” given Derrick’s complaints about her.

She added that she was told that she would be able to perform a Beyoncé song, in order to continue her Drag Race storyline which has seen her fangirl over the singer and perform as her during the “Halftime Headliners” challenge on All Stars 6. Yet when she turned up for RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE, she was told it was no longer possible.

“What was the purpose of bringing me there and not letting me… do you know how many people came to see me do that personally,” she wrote in the post, before explaining that she was in “excruciating pain” during the show, due to having “severe arthritis” in her legs.

“You and everybody else knew that,” she wrote, addressing Derrick. “What type of attitude or energy did you think that I was going to bring when my legs were hurting me to the point where I had to quit because I couldn’t finish the show. You forgot that part.”

Trinity K Bonet, who was heavily anticipated to be cast as part of Canada’s Drag Race vs The World in 2022, explained that she had to drop out of the Drag Race spin-off due to her “medical issues”.

She went on to accuse Derrick of ignoring her, and of failing to appreciate how she had helped the Britney impersonator out.

The cast of RuPaul's Drag Race Live at the 2022 Grammy Awards.
Trinity K Bonet (bottom) and Derrick Barry (far right) alongside other Drag Race stars at the 2022 Grammy awards. (Getty)

“I wasn’t such a bad person when we were getting ready for the Grammys and you needed a piece of fur for your Britney Spears [look] and I personally was out looking for it in LA when I went shopping,” she wrote.

“I asked to hang out with you outside of work many times when I first got there! Nothing. Many days you would come in and say nothing to me, I’d have to make you speak or talk to me. But when Jaida [Essence Hall, Drag Race winner] came or any other queen who walked in the room u lit up like a firecracker and (were) full of conversation then,” she added.

“It’s always Trinity and her attitude. But never ‘What did we do to make her act that way’…I know what type of person I am and I know where my heart is.

“Videos like this are the very reason I want no parts of this shit anymore,” she rounded off, insinuating that she is done with being part of the Drag Race world.

“You get to fall out the sky every night living your dream. I guess I should just be grateful they even gave me a job huh.”