Gay presenter quits “vulgar” Swedish show

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A gay TV presenter has quit a Swedish television programme about LGBT lifestyles describing the show as “vulgar and tasteless.”

Sverker Åström, 90, a former Swedish Ambassador to the UN, has quit the show, entitled Boglobbyn (The Gay Lobby,) after just two episodes.

The first broadcast was criticised after a report on cruising was described as shallow.

Mr Astrom said he only took the role because he thought it would campaign for gay rights.

He wrote in an email to QX magazine: “The programme is for the most part vulgar and tasteless.”

Magnus Telander, spokesman for the programme, told Swedish English language paper The Local that the show was supposed to “discover mankind from a gay perspective,” and was aimed at a regular TV audience.

“We are sad about this, because he has so much experience and so much character.”

“There are lots of opinions about the programme, and that’s OK. The guys and gays working on the show believe in it,” he said.