Conference blog: Where is Brian – update

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Brian Paddick is at the Lib Dem party conference – he just called to say he has been here the whole time. We just had not spotted him yet.

We will catch up with him tomorrow and bring you all the information on what he has been up to, inlcuding details of that wedding in Norway.

Click here to read his Mail on Sunday article about his upcoming nuptials.

Here is tomorrow’s conference agenda:

Monday 15th September

09.00   Discussion on report of the Party Reform Commission

10.45   Motion: Extension of the Remit of the International Criminal Court

11.15   Speech: Norman Lamb MP (Shadow Health Secretary)

11.35   Eco-towns

12.20 – 12.40   Speech: Dr Vincent Cable MP (Shadow Chancellor)

14.20   Motion: Broadcasting Court Proceedings

14.50   Motion: Make it Happen (Vision and Values Paper)

16.20   Q & A Session: Environmental Policy

17.20   Urgent Issue: Recession and Rising Energy and Food Prices: Impact on poverty.