Conference blog: Where is Brian?

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The Lib Dems may have forgotten about the election for Mayor of London all those months ago (four to be exact) and the man who carried their banner, Brian Paddick.

Even before he popped back on the rader with news that he will be getting married in Norway early next year, there was discussion at PinkNews Towers as to whether the former top cop would be making an appearance at conference.

A glance through the fringe programme shows no mentions of Mr P – we shall ask around and let you know if he is in Bournemouth. It would be shame if one of the party’s most prominent gay men was not in town.

The conference is well under way, with an excellent speeches yesterday from both Nick Clegg and Susan Kramer.

Susan’s Richmond Park seat is a key target for the Tories – environmentalist and new Con poster boy Zac Goldsmith will challenge her at the next election.

Unfortunately for the Libs, the ongoing Labour infighting has somewhat overshadowed them in terms of news coverage.

The Politics Show on BBC1 this morning led with an interview with D Miliband, and the conference had to wait.

All eyes will be on Nick Clegg on Wednesday as he gives his leader’s speech. From what we have seen already we can expect more attacks on Labour for failing the poor and more Tory bashing.

The Tories are much more of a threat to Lib Dem fortunes than Labour are.

Indeed even Chris Huhne, who might have been leader but for a few hundred votes, faces a fight to the death in his Eastleigh constituency.

A resurgent Tory party could make short work of his 564 majority.

It is interesting that the Libs are suddenly very keen on tax cuts, as the Tories shy away from them.

Their image as a high-tax, high-spend party is in doubt, as they fight for their place in the political landscape.