Coronation Street: Clarissa turns the tables on Harry

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Harry has obviously never heard the old adage “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” as he continues to play Liz and Clarissa off of each other this week. After weeks of dating both ladies, Harry’s number is up when Clarissa catches him canoodling with Liz outside the Rovers. She decides to catch Harry out by doing a bit of detective work. How will Harry react when he finds out that Clarissa is on to his little game?

Things get awkward when Liz discovers some tickets for a ball in Harry’s pocket and presumes he’s taking her. However, he’s supposed to be taking Clarissa! How will he get out of this one?

Meanwhile, Clarissa is enjoying watching her philandering husband squirm as he tries to figure out how he can worm his way out of his current situation. To top it all, Liz, who is oblivious to Harry’s predicament, is out spending a fortune on a fancy outfit for the ball. Things get even worse when Harry is unable to tell Liz that he’s taking Clarissa and is forced to walk into The Rovers with Clarissa on his arm!

As you can imagine, Liz is flabbergasted to see what she thought was her date walking in with another woman. Harry is really in for it now, as Liz vows to get even with the lusty lothario. Furious that she ended her marriage with Vernon for a chance with the two-timing schemer, Liz decides to call Clarissa over then invite Harry over so the two of them can confront him about his misdemeanours. Looks like Harry is about to be caught with his trousers well and truly down!

Meanwhile fellow Casanova, Tony, is furious when Carla refuses to go to the Fashion Awards with him. To wind her up he asks Rosie to accompany him. Rosie is delighted, especially when Tony doles out some money to splash out on a fancy outfit. However, later Rosie is left devastated when Tony turns up at the Rovers with Carla on his arm – she decided to go with him after all. Poor Rosie!

The next day Tony takes Rosie out to lunch to make up for leaving her in the lurch the other night. Unfortunately, Rosie grows steadily drunk and as the afternoon wears on and Tony is counting the minutes until he can get rid of her but Rosie has other ideas. After he pays the bill he follows Rosie up to a hotel room where she drapes herself semi-naked across the bed making it clear how she feels. Tony is disgusted and tells her to cover up immediately. He tells her that he only has eyes for Carla and she is making a fool of herself. But Rosie has one last ace up her sleeve and produces the damning mobile video footage of Carla and Liam. Tony’s reaction is not what Rosie expected. Has she finally pushed Weatherfield’s nastiest man a step too far?
Coronation Street: Clarissa turns the tables on Harry