Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Mandy and Louise plot Warren’s downfall?

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Louise plots Warren’s downfall as their wedding day approaches. Concerned by Mandy’s involvement in the wedding plans, Warren offers her £5,000 to leave Hollyoaks forever. But Mandy has other plans as she wants to help Louise so they can both get their revenge.

When Bel thinks Leila got an A in her law assignment she throws a celebratory lunch for all the family, half of whom know that Leila is actually an art student.

Elliot dresses up as Santa in the SU Bar and enlists the help of Hannah and Archie as his elves. He senses that things between him and Hannah aren’t going well so Archie and Zak encourage him to make a big romantic gesture.

And Cindy asks Rhys to take care of Holly for a day in return for sexual favours, so he decides to take her to see Father Christmas. Holly thinks Cindy should forget about Darren and go out with Rhys, but Cindy can’t hide her feelings for Darren, so Holly sneaks out to go and stay with Rhys – meaning that Cindy wakes up to find her gone.

Newt agrees to enter a karaoke competition at The Dog. Hannah and Sarah hang out in the SU Bar discussing boys. In spite of her protestations, Hannah clearly had a great time with Matt in Paris. In a last-ditch attempt to save her failing relationship, Hannah dresses up as an alien and forces herself to watch some sci-fi.

As Frankie prepares to perform as Britney Spears in the karaoke final at The Dog, Newt takes advantage of her absence by going to see Lauren. And Elliot invites Hannah to the robot convention, but Neville seems more interested than she is.

At Relish Ash tells Gilly and Zak that he wants to choose one of them as manager, so they decide to have a burger cook-off. Gaz turns up at Relish when Ash isn’t there and sprays the lads with as much ketchup as possible. Zak goes home early, leaving Gilly to close up, but Gaz and his mates come back. What is it that they want

Calvin goes to see Gaz and his mates because it transpires that Gilly was mugged – but they all have alibis. So when Zak bumps into Gaz he distributes some justice of his own.

Tony has to enter his plea in court for the statutory rape of Theresa. How will he fare one he has to face up to the law?

When Calvin visits Relish to ask Zak about Gaz getting beaten up, Gilly realises that Zak saw him get mugged and didn’t do anything about it. And when Gaz and his mates turn up to avenge Zak’s attack, there’s no-one there to help Gilly.
Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Mandy and Louise plot Warren’s downfall?