Emmerdale Spoilers: Andy and Maisie get found out

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Sandy’s campaign to save Jasmine from her prison sentence is making him enemies – particularly when he involves Gabby. Eventually Ashley and Laurel snap and tell him to leave – but where will he go? Debbie finds him and convinces him to put things right with his family as that is what Jasmine would want. Does he manage to build any bridges?

Andy is getting distracted by Maisie who is still enjoying the secrecy of their affair – and the fact her mother is desperate to know who her real suitor is, convinced it isn’t Marlon. When Debbie finds Sarah alone in the middle of one of their trysts an argument ensues – and the village soon find out what has been going on. The Wyldes put on the pressure – but will it work in splitting the couple up?

Elsewhere, Chas and Aaron move in with and everything seems happy. But will it last?

Sam believes that Zak is the Home Farm poacher, particularly when Lisa serves up venison for dinner. His accusations cause upset but Sam’s thoughts are further strengthened when he sees Zak and Shadrach with some rabbits – not knowing they had been given permission to hunt. So who is the secret poacher?
Faye’s presence is still to be felt at Home Farm after Mark sees her on CCTV cameras and warns her to stay away or she will regret it. But will she heed his words?

David is confused when Leyla avoids his attempts to arrange a date with her, but after finding her working late at the factory she says it is to pay her mother’s nursing home bills. He lends her some cash but Val spots him handing it over – and tells Pollard. They try to convince him she is only after his money. But is that true?

Katie is still torn between Lee and Nathan but is upset when Lee gets caught in a trap and hurt. Nathan accuses her of using him while Lee was incapacitated – and she slaps him. Will Nathan continue to manipulate Katie and Lee?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Andy and Maisie get found out