Gay teen Jack Frew was ‘a threat’ to killer’s new relationship

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The High Court in Glasgow has heard testimony from forensic psychiatrist Dr Sharat Shetty, who said that Craig Roy, on trial for the murder of schoolboy Jack Frew, described the deceased as a “sex pest”.

The court also heard Dr Shetty say that Mr Roy admitted having a brief relationship with Mr Frew, and that he saw him as a threat to his new relationship with Christopher Hannah.

He said that Mr Roy had shown no signs of mental or personality disorders during his assessment, other than some anger management issues, the BBC reports.

Dr Shetty also said that Mr Roy told him that he only took the knife to intimidate the schoolboy who had sent him explicit text messages, and that he has no memory of the incident itself.

Mr Roy, the court heard, was also sad about the impact Mr Frew’s death would have on his family.

19-year-old Roy admitted stabbing the 16-year-old schoolboy, but denied murdering him. The court last week also heard allegations of blackmail from Mr Roy.

The trial continues.