US: Letting trans children live according to their identity is ‘child abuse’, says attorney

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An attorney from the Christian legal group Liberty Counsel has claimed that parents who let their transgender children live according to their identity are committing “nothing short of child abuse.”

Matt Barber, described as a “pro-family attorney” by Christian news outlet OneNewsNow, said such cases are  “illustrative of the decline of our society when it comes to parental responsibility.”

He highlighted the recent Washington Post profile of a transgender child: six-year-old Tyler, who was born Kathryn.

Mr Barber argued that Tyler’s parents were shirking their responsibilties by allowing him to pick a new name for himself and to live as a boy.

“In order to be hip and cool and trendy to facilitate this gender confusion and then to even prepare this baby for hormone abuse, to try to stall the onset of puberty, and to pump testosterone into this child, is nothing short of child abuse,” he said.

He added: “You know, I have three children. They demand lots of things. And I tell them, ‘No,’ and I explain to them why it is not in their best interests to have every demand.”

Tyler’s situation is similar to that of Coy Mathis, the six-year-old transgender girl who made headlines earlier this year when her school ceased allowing her to use the girls’ toilets.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that she should have access to the girls’ toilets in June.

Coy’s parents said they became aware of her gender dysphoria when she was 18 months old.