Fox pundit: NFL is sending homophobic players to ‘re-indoctrination camps’

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A Fox pundit has claimed that an NFL player who made a homophobic remark about Michael Sam was sent to a “re-indoctrination camp”.

Miami Dolphins player Don Jones was suspended in May after he tweeted that Michael Sam’s on-air kiss with his boyfriend was “horrible”.

He voluntarily underwent standard sensitivity training, and was fined an undisclosed amount following the incident.

However, Fox host Bernie McGuirk has claimed that the player was actually sent to a brainwashing camp.

He said: “The Dolphins guy was suspended for expressing his opinion on the [Michael Sam] gay kiss. He was sent to re-indoctrination camp.”

McGuirk added that Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice – who was dropped by the team and indefinitely suspended following a domestic abuse charge – would be facing tougher punishments if he had hit a gay man instead of his fiancée.

He said: “If he had punched a gay guy in an elevator, this Ray Rice, he probably would have been charged with a hate crime. He wouldn’t have been in the NFL anymore.”

Fox News host Shepard Smith – who has denied rumours about his sexuality – attracted criticism last month after he branded actor Robin Williams “a coward” just hours after he was found dead in an apparent suicide.

In July, a Fox News ‘psychiatrist’ claimed that people will soon be able to enter into special marriages for three people and a dog.

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