Richard Littlejohn: Nicky Morgan is seeking approval from ‘diversity Nazis’

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Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn has attacked Nicky Morgan for ingratiating herself with “diversity Nazis”, after she spoke at the PinkNews awards.

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan – who is Education Secretary and the Minister for Women and Equalities – announced exclusively to PinkNews this week that she would create a £2 million fund to stamp out anti-gay bullying.

She spoke at the PinkNews awards on Wednesday, saying: “The LGBT community will not find a more passionate ally in the fight against discrimination.”

In his Mail column today, Littlejohn attacked Ms Morgan for seeking the approval of  “diversity Nazis”.

He wrote: “A pound to a penny this ludicrous ‘task force’ concludes that such prejudice and bullying is widespread, even where it doesn’t exist.

“How many more innocent children will be smeared as ‘bigots’, how many more schools will be forced out of business in pursuit of dogmatic political purity?

“Former Education Secretary, Michael Gove tried to kill off this kind of drivel.

“Unfortunately, his successor Nicky Morgan is desperate to ingratiate herself with the ‘diversity’ Nazis who think the purpose of schools is social engineering, not education.

“Sadly, we can only conclude that as a minister, Morgan is — what’s the word? — oh, yes: inadequate.”

Over 200,000 people signed a petition calling for Mr Littlejohn to be sacked last year, after he wrote an article criticising transgender teacher Lucy Meadows.

Ms Meadows later took her own life following invasive media coverage.