Ex-gay Christian behind ‘I don’t like mens no more’ viral video says God put him in the spotlight

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A Christian who claimed he was “delivered” from homosexuality in a viral video has spoken out on his new-found fame on the web, saying it was meant to be.

The video, posted this month on YouTube by the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), featured the man – named Andrew Caldwell – who yells: “I don’t like mens no more. I said I like women, women women women women!”

Speaking for the first time since his new-found fame, Caldwell told Church Folk Revolution Radio that “growing up wasn’t a pleasant experience,” and being delivered helped him find a new lease of life.

“As a child, I was raped by a member of my own family. At that time I did not think of it as abuse. I kind of enjoyed it. I kept it to myself, not realizing how it had changed me,” he said.

“Being fairly attractive as a young man, it was not difficult for me to get involved with other men. I have dated athletes, ministers, and celebrities. As time passed I got tired of this way of living.”

Speaking on the video of his deliverance, which has since exploded into a viral sensation, Caldwell said: “It’s a little bit overwhelming, but also, God, He gets all the glory.

“It was meant. God will put the spotlight on certain people in certain seasons. It was meant for that video to go into homes.

“You might laugh at it, but that laugh, at the end of the day before you went to bed, He got you on that laugh.”