Lesbian waitress goes viral destroying man who said: ‘I don’t tip fags’

Michelle Crider, a lesbian waitress in Indiana who has gone viral with a Facebook video

A lesbian waitress in Indiana has gone viral by calling out a customer who wrote “I DON’T TIP FAGS” on their receipt.

Michele Crider was met with the anti-gay slur after serving two men at the Dash-In restaurant in Fort Wayne on Tuesday (February 19).

In response, she posted a video to Facebook which has since attracted more than 700,000 views, with the caption: “I just hope this message gets back to this guy. You sir are a sad excuse for a human.”

Watch Indiana lesbian Michele Crider tell off her abusive customer:

In the video, she asks her abuser: “Why did you feel the need, sir, to write that on there? If you don’t like gay people, then that’s whatever. It is what it is.

“But to just say something like that? Just don’t tip me.”

Crider continues: “When you look at me, all you see is a fag. But I need you to know something: I’m a lot more than that.

“I’m a mother. I work my butt off, sir, to pay my bills, to put my son into a good school and pay that tuition. I work my butt off to do things like that.

“You don’t know me, you don’t know who I am, you look at me and you just see this girl wearing boy clothes and having short hair, and (think): ‘She must be a fag.'”

“I’m not a fag. I’m a dyke.”

— Michele Crider

In a savage remark, she says: “I hope you do not have children, sir. I hope you aren’t raising a little human to grow up and be a bigot like you. I feel very, very bad for you.

“And again, like I said—I’m a lot more than a short haircut; I’m a lot more than a fag.

“I am a mother. I am a 33-year-old woman who is just now able to get on her own two feet and do things on her own. And then I have people like you who think it’s acceptable to try to knock those people down.

Michele Crider, a lesbian waitress in Indiana who was abused by a customer

Michele Crider has gone viral, attracting more than 700,000 viewers (Michele Crider/facebook)

“You didn’t, sir. You didn’t win. You’re the coward. You’re the one who wrote that note.”

She finishes the video by offering “one little tidbit of advice: if you want to sit there and you want to spread your hate and you want to say these hateful things, try to understand what it is that you’re saying.

“I’m not a fag. I’m a dyke.”

Lesbian Indiana waitress Michele Crider receives outpouring of love after viral video

In the video, Crider tells the customer that “you did not ruin my day by doing this. Yeah, at first I was shocked, my feeling were hurt, but then it went away within the first 15 minutes.”

“You know why? Because I work in an amazing place. Right away, my work family got me flowers,” she adds, showing a bouquet to the camera.

Since posting the video, Crider has received hundreds of comments calling her “awesome,” “brave” and “an amazing person.”

And the restaurant’s owner Emily Underwood told Fort Wayne TV station WPTA21 that the tidal wave of support didn’t stop there.

“Today we have been getting lots and lots of phone calls. People dropping off gifts, people dropping off money, wanting to give Michele the tips she deserves, and just people wanting to show their support,” she revealed.

Underwood said that she identified the abusive customer by using the restaurant surveillance system, and that he would not be served there again.