Watch: Trans MMA fighter destroys claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ in sport

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Transgender Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox has rebuffed claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ in her sport.

38-year-old Fox, who is the first openly transgender athlete in MMA history, has faced a number of criticisms over claims that she has an ‘advantage’ over her opponents.

Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey said in September that she won’t take on Fox, saying: “In Fallon Fox’s case, I think she does have an unfair advantage.

“It’s a case by case scenario thing. I’ve tried to research it a lot.

“I feel like if you go through puberty as a man it’s something that you can’t really reverse. You can’t just reverse that, there’s no undo button on that.”

Speaking to Arielle Scarcella of sex education channel GirlfriendsTV, Fox said: “The opposition usually try to say I have an unfair advantage in my sport, because I was unfortunately born male.

“Transgender people have been competing in professional sports since 1976… nobody has come forward with any verifiable evidence showing that transgender women have a competitive advantage over their peers in sports.

“I get other fighters saying they don’t want to fight me because my hands are too big, my bones are too dense.

“They’ve pulled away from that lately, since I pointed out that on average, black women’s bones are more dense than your average white man’s bones.

“We should never ever have a black woman fighting a Caucasian woman in this sport, because clearly that black woman will kick that white woman’s bones to shreds… which is not a fact!”