Hoax of US tabloid claims Obama ‘had sex with Harry Styles’

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A hoax cover of a US supermarket tabloid made the bizarre claim that US President Barack Obama “hid [his] gay lifestyle to become President”, and that he had an affair with another man.

The hoax was of the National Examiner, a US supermarket tabloid, claimed the 53-year-old’s marriage to Michelle “is a sham” on a cover circulated on social media.

It read: “Obama Hid Gay Life Style To Be President!”, with “Marriage to Michelle IS A SHAM!” and “He had sex with THIS MAN,” with an arrow pointing to a man.

Several photoshopped images circulating across the internet featured One Direction star Harry Styles – but the One Direction star was not present in the actual edition.

Instead, the photo was of a different man, but all other text appeared the same.

National Examiner

Late comedian Joan Rivers earlier this year caused controversy claiming that President Obama is gay, and that his wife Michelle is “a transgender”.

Social media lit up with rumours last month as Harry Styles made a vague, probably joking, comment suggesting he might be bisexual.

Update: This story originally stated The National Examiner cover featured Harry Styles. It was later updated to reflect that the cover was photoshopped.