Watch: This takedown of ‘gay cure’ therapy is flawless

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A new YouTube video attacks the practice of ‘conversion therapy’ aimed at gay and trans youths, after the death of Leelah Alcorn.

17-year-old trans girl Leelah Alcorn took her own life last month, after citing her parent’s refusal to accept her trans status and attempts to ‘cure’ her gender identity.

Over 300,000 people have signed petitions calling for a ‘Leelah’s law’ to impose a federal ban on the practice of reparative therapy – which is currently legal in 48 US states.

Sex education vlogger Laci Green spoke out against the practice in a video for her channel Sex+.

She said: “Conversion therapy is pretty straightforward – it aims to convert homosexual people into straight, or transgender people into cisgender.

“Leelah’s therapists told her that she was selfish and wrong and needed to turn to God. Some ministries even advise parents to disown their children if they come out as gay or trans.

“This threapy is legal in 48 states, even as it’s been rejected by every single body of major health experts in the country.

“Even more the research that its supporters have clung on to has been debunked – like a million times.

“The [American Psychological Association] found that patients were leaving conversion therapy with some glorious side effects – increased rates of depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, hyper-awareness of obedience to gender norms, social isolation, poor self esteem…

“It’s almost like telling people to hate themselves could actually hurt them.

“How many LGBT kids have to take their lives before we finally put our foot down? Conversion therapy, and especially conversion therapy forced on others, needs to stop.”

In October, a former leading ‘gay cure’ activist predicted that the movement would be dead within a decade.