Twitter users shown transphobic promoted tweets from account impersonating feminist writer

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A tweet from a fake account encouraging trans people to “commit suicide now” was shown to a variety of Twitter users.

They were sent from the account “@caitlin_roperr” which appears to be a fake account, impersonating feminist writer Caitlin Roper. Her real twitter account mentions she has been the victim of fake accounts in the past.

Several people, including some trans people, said they were unable to report the tweets, that used a transphobic slur, as hate speech. They were “promoted tweets” – a tweet paid for by a user to be shown to people who do not follow them.

One tweet read: “Trannies, your families will never love you. You are living a lie & you know it. End your miserable existence. Commit suicide now.”

Others read: “Trannies are living a delusion. You can help them escape their delusions by beating them senseless. Go out & start beating trannies now.” and “Trannies, you will never be the opposite gender. You are living a delusion. Get a rope & hang yourself. You know you want to. End it all now.”

transphobic tweet

The account was suspended, 15 minutes after people reported seeing the tweet.