Lesbian couple blocked from ‘two-for-one’ couples deal at raceway

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A lesbian couple have demanded an apology – after they were blocked from claiming two-for-one tickets to a racetrack under a couples offer.

Daytona Indoor Raceway in Hamilton, New Zealand had been offering ‘buy one get one free’ tickets to couples.

However, when gay couple Amiria Te Nana and Lava Leitual turned up, anticipating a fun night out, they were shocked to be told the offer was only open to “men and women”.

According to Fairfax Media, the pair were told they did not have enough “proof” they were a real couple – despite showing the salesperson their matching tattoos of eachother’s names.

Ms Te Nana said: “In today’s day and age it is sad, verging on pathetic, that homophobia and gender equality are still an ongoing issue.

“My partner and I went up to the counter to purchase said deal and were declined as we could not ‘prove’ that we were ‘legitimate spouses’.

“He said it’s for partners – we said ‘we are partners’. Then he said it is for legitimate partners and spouses. He started saying a legitimate partner is a man and his wife, a male and female.”

The owner of the racetrack told Fairfax: “We have lots and lots of people trying it on with us, telling us they are same-sex, and basically you know they’re not.

“Because of that we made a rule – it is male and female, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend only.”

“How people want to be in a relationship that is up to them, but that is our policy is female and male, husband and wife.”

However, he apologised when challenged by the media – and says the couples offer will now be replaced by a two-for-one deal that is open to everyone.

Discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation is against the law in New Zealand, which introduced same-sex marriage in 2013.