Detergent ad features ‘big loads’ innuendo, gays react accordingly

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Twitter users found themselves amused by a homoerotic marketing campaign by a well-known detergent which accidentally (or intentionally) included sexual innuendos.

The ad, which was tweeted by Surf, alongside the hashtag #CleanTune, features several topless men, all presumably genuinely doing laundry.

The aim Surf appeared to want, in using the hashtag, was to take the lyrics to songs and adapt them to be more relevant to said laundry-doing.

Unfortunately the lyric featured, adapted from the Sir-Mix-A-Lot song ‘I Like Big Butts’, read: “I like big loads and I cannot lie.”

Apparently someone at Surf doesn’t know the potential innuendo found in the phrase “big load”, which if you don’t know already – we are sure you can guess.

Various Twitter users pointed out that someone might be in trouble at Surf’s marketing department, or similarly whoever came up with the lyric might get a raise.

One user wrote: “Someone’s getting a telling off tomorrow!… or a raise.”

Another simply wrote: “This is relevant to my sexually charged interests.”

No other adapted song lyrics have been tweeted using #CleanTune, but perhaps the marketing masterminds are hard at work trying to out-do themselves.