Divisive hook-up app makes users vote on new guys ‘to keep creeps out’

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A new gay hook-up app has launched – but it’s turning away most of the people who want to use it.

Controversial app Hanky has strict rules to join, which puts potential new users to a vote – with three existing users casting a vote on whether to allow them to join.

The developer says the divisive practise is intended to keep out “creeps, time­wasters and fake profiles” present on other apps. However, there are fears among critics that the exclusion procedure may backfire.

Cofounder Jonas Cronfeld said the app rejects 8 out of 10 applicants – but aims to get “more sexy” users.

He said: “For a long time we’ve been fed up with the vibe of the other gay apps.”
The developer added: “We will probably never have 5 million members like some of these other apps because so many get turned away. But we’ll choose quality over quantity any day.

“Sure, big numbers are nice, but none of our competitors have got the actual experience right ­ something we will never compromise on.

“Our user are nicer and more sexy.”

It is also possible to register by invitation from a current member, but this requires phone verification.

The company insisted in a press release: “Hanky has been developed in response to growing concerns about the trolling of ordinary users of dating apps.

“Legitimate users of traditional apps are being subjected to internet ridicule by trolls (often using fake identities), who send abusive messages or who post screenshots of private conversations on Twitter.”