Clinton and Trump one step closer to The White House

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are one step closer to the Presidential nomination following the latest votes.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton extended her lead with wins in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina during the latest batch of primaries.

Meanwhile, controversial candidate Donald Trump, won a decisive victory in the key state of Florida, but suffered a loss to John Kasich in Ohio.

The billionaire has also won in Illinois and North Carolina, causing even more concern in his party – many of whom see him as detrimental to the Republicans.

Clinton and Trump one step closer to The White House

Senior members have said they would never support him, and on Tuesday it emerged that a group of them are devising ways of stopping Mr Trump from winning the Republican nomination – including rallying around a third-party candidate.

The winners for both parties in Missouri are yet to be called with Mrs Clinton locked in tight competition with challenger Bernie Sanders and Mr Trump fighting openly homophobic rival Ted Cruz.

In Florida, pro-LGBT Mrs Clinton gave an upbeat victory speech in which she chastised Mr Trump – who now refuses to discuss same-sex marriage, after consistently changing his stance on the issue.

“Americans were hungry for solutions,” she said.

If elected, she pledged to address inequality, student debt and affordable childcare.

Mr Trump, meanwhile, urged his party to come together – despite running a campaign many claim is based on division, hatred and scare-mongering.

“We have to bring our party together,” he said in Palm Beach, Florida, as the results came in.

In his victory speech, Mr Kasich said he wanted to create a “climate of opportunity” for future generations and praised the campaign of Marco Rubio – who announced his departure from the race following a crushing defeat in his home state of Florida.

Clinton and Trump one step closer to The White House

Earlier Mr Rubio announced he was suspending his campaign on stage in Miami.

He said the US was in the middle of a “political storm”, and voters were angry and frustrated.