Trump won’t promise to continue Obama’s LGBT Pride celebrations

A week after claiming to be a ‘friend’ of gay people, Donald Trump isn’t sure if he’d continue Barack Obama’s tradition of celebrating Pride at the White House.

President Obama has been the first US President in history to mark the annual LGBT Pride Month in June, issuing annual proclamations and holding LGBT receptions at the White House.

But presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump – who claimed last week to be a ‘friend’ of gay people and then promptly met with anti-LGBT activists – says he isn’t sure if he would carry on the tradition in office.

Asked by ABC News if he would continue Pride Month, Trump would only say: “I’d look into it.”

He changed the subject  to Orlando, and continued: “I feel so badly what happened. We have to do something about it. Some of these countries that are contributing to Hillary Clinton, we’re taking in thousands of people, they kill gays. They enslave women.

“She wants more people to come into this country.

“I’m better for women and I’m better for gays. I am better for a lot of people and I think people are starting to see that.”

The presumptive Republican Presidential nominee has recently opposed transgender rights, pledged to appoint justices to repeal equal marriage, and come out against federal anti-discrimination protections.

Trump also claimed in a speech this week after the Orlando massacre that a victory for Hillary Clinton would lead to the mass murder of gay people across the US.