Gay couple stop amid Rio 2016 Olympic torch relay to have a kiss

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A photo has emerged of two men kissing while completing the Olympic torch relay for Rio 2016.

The un-named couple were two of many to make an epic journey across Brasil for the 2016 games.

And amid the chaos of the relay, they stopped to have a kiss.

laerte tocha

Published on goqueer, the photob by Pedro Veríssimo shows an intimate moment amid the crush of the run.

Also carrying the torch was trans woman Laerte Countinho, who was believed to be the only trans person in the relay.

The cartoonist keeps her previous name as it became her brand throughout her career.

Top Brazilian trans model Lea T also took to the stage last night for the opening ceremony at Rio.

Out gay Olympian Amini Fonua made a stand at the Rio 2016 games… by asking people to look at his butt to promote equality.

Restrictions on transgender people taking part in the Olympics are being loosened, allowing them to take part without undergoing gender surgery.

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