Renée Zellweger had real-life Bridget Jones moment when lesbian friend confessed her love

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Renée Zellweger had a real-life Bridget Jones moment – after a female friend confessed her love for her.

Bridget Jones famously dealy with the dilemma in 2004 film The Edge of Reason, when her presumed love-rival Rebecca confessed she was actually “totally, heart-brokenly smitten with you, Bridget”.

After a passionate kiss, Zellweger’s character responds: “Thank you very much, that was lovely, really lovely… but I’m afraid it’s still men in general.”

In an interview with The Advocate, Zellweger revealed that she had also had a woman declare her love for her in real life, too – but dealt with it somewhat better.

She said: “Yes, thank goodness. But I loved her differently.

“We talked about it, we laughed, and I was happy she trusted me and that we have a relationship where we could have that conversation.”

Elsewhere, she confessed her amusement with tabloid newspapers who confuse her gay friends for lovers.

She said: “The majority of my closest friends are gay, and I have my pearl. I went to Miami for New Year’s Eve some years back with him and his boyfriend, and we got paparazzied on the beach.

“Some tabloid ran the photos and wrote, ‘Has Renée finally found her pearl?’ I was like, ‘Aww, he’s my pearl!’ He’s family to me. ”

Zellweger also addressed media suggestions that she divorced ex-husband Kenny Chesney in 2005 because he is gay.

She said: “I forgot about that. It’s a pretty big thing to forget, isn’t it? That made me sad.

“It made me sad that somehow people were using that as a way to be cruel and calling someone gay as a pejorative, which has fateful consequences.

“Of course, there’s the bigger-picture problem of why anyone had to make up a story at all.”