Kenya’s ‘moral policeman’ boasts of getting US visa despite anti-LGBT views

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Kenya’s ‘moral policeman’ Ezekiel Mutua has been granted a diplomatic visa to enter the US.

He will travel to the US to attend the Web Rangers Summit in California, a Google organised convention concerning online safety.

Kenya’s ‘moral policeman’ boasts of getting US visa despite anti-LGBT views

“Because of my stand on moral values, including the banning of content promoting LGBT and Atheists culture in Kenya, someone wrote in a local daily that I will never get visa to the US.” Mutua wrote on Facebook.

“Well, I not only got it but it came on a Diplomatic Passport and I didn’t even have to go to the Embassy for biometrics or pay the visa application fee.

“America here we come. . .TO GOD BE THE GLORY!”

Many have criticised Googles relationship with Mutua, which has been in the limelight in the past.

Mutua has claimed to have a memorandum of understanding with google to block some search results in Kenya.

The anti-LGBT and anti-atheist has worked to ban TV adverts, parties organised using social media and alter google search results and ban.

The chief of the Kenya Film Classification Board previously banned a remix of Macklemore gay rights anthem Same Love.

The ban had the reverse effect and ended up promoting LGBT rights within the country.

Whilst Google temporarily removed the video, it was later reinstated with an offensive content warning.

Mutua said: “Kenya must not allow its people to become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the current age through psychological drive from such content.”