Gossip site illustrated perfectly how not to talk about Amber Rose’s attraction to trans men

Amber Rose revealed on Friday that she used to date a transgender man, and now a gossip website has branded her as a ‘sexual freak’.

Rose appeared on Margaret Cho’s podcast Loveline and the pair spoke about the people they’re attracted to.

Bisexual Cho said that she liked “real masculine” women, Rose agreed saying that she also found transgender men attractive, and had dated a trans man in the past.

The unidentified writer for Bossip, who goes only as ‘Bossip Staff’ wrote “whatever level of freak you might have thought Amber Rose was has just gone up, tenfold.

“The curvy, blonde, MILF recently admitted to comedienne Margaret Cho that she used to date a transgender man,” the writer added

Bossip went on to put Rose’s marriage under scrutiny.

“Wonder what Wiz Khalifa has to say about this. Do you think he was aware that his ex-wife used to canoodle with trans men?”

The article shames Rose for being open about her sexuality, and looks down on her sexual attraction to the trans community.

The article caused outrage on social media as people took to twitter in the thousands to call Gossip out on the article.

“Why is this news, us trans men are dateable *gasp* I know” wrote one user.

“y’all gotta stop being transphobic for clicks,” said another.

The article feeds into the anti-trans violence and transphobia that is spreading across the world.

A study released by Witness found that videos showing violence against those in the transgender community had an overwhelmingly positive response as viewers found the content ‘entertaining’, rather than horrifying.

2016 is also now the deadliest year on record in America for transgender homicide.