Lisa Kudrow is producing a gay legal drama

CBS has picked up a gay legal drama produced by Friends star Lisa Kudrow.

Deadline reports that the network last week acquired the rights to Rebel Law, which centres on an openly gay attorney joining his family’s traditional law firm in Mississippi.

The show will focus on the character’s relationship with his family as he works through differences, both political and personal,

The show is  written by Kit Williamson, the creator of online LGBT web series EastSiders, via Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky’s production house Is Or Isn’t Entertainment, which created Kudrow vehicles The Comeback and Web Therapy.

Kudrow and Bucatinsky are signed on to serve as executive producers for the series.

Williamson confirmed: “Cat’s out of the bag! I’m writing a legal drama for CBS!”

Castings for the series, expected to air in 2017, have not yet been announced.

Kudrow recently made a surprise appearance on Netflix sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The Friends star previously joked about the “biological superiority” of gay men.

She said: “I need to say that I think gay men are superior beings in my mind. I do believe that.

“It’s all so tricky. I studied biology and the brains are anatomically different. They just are.

“There’s a stronger connection with the corpus callosum in gay men. The two sides of the brain communicate better than a straight man’s, and I think that has to be really important.

“They’re not women – they’re still men – and women also have thicker corpus callosums, so I think it’s the combination of those qualities that makes them like a superhuman to me.”