Julian Clary puts a ring on it and weds long term partner Ian Mackley

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Wedding bells were ringing for comedian Julian Clary on Saturday when he married his partner of 11 years, Ian Mackley.

The couple have been together since 2005 and the couple married in a private ceremony over the weekend.

Julian announced the nuptials in his inimitable tongue-in-cheek style on Twitter, saying Ian “slipped his finger into [his] ring at last.”


As for children, Julian Clary has spoken out about being “too old” now to have kids, although once stated on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories that he went through a very broody period in his forties and discussed fatherhood with a lesbian friend.

He said: “I think it’s inevitable, you get to that age and if you haven’t, you just kind of wonder what it would be like. Yes, we [his lesbian friend and him] talked about it, I was going to need a mother to do it for me at some point, wasn’t I?

“So, yes, I discussed it with a lesbian friend. We got as far as her working out her cycle, and all this, when I would have to turn up with the turkey baster. Exactly what would be the optimum moment.”

The comedian made his name as comedy’s queen of camp; adopting a flamboyant persona that won the hearts of the UK public.

He is currently touring with his show The Joy of Mincing, which celebrates his 30 years in show business – with tales that range from saving Dame Joan Collins’ life to his home enema kit.