Nigerian LGBT activist was sent death threats after announcing plans to enter politics

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LGBT rights activist Bisi Alimi has received death threats upon announcing his hopes to enter Nigerian politics.

The campaigner has been a prominent spokesperson for LGBT rights and HIV awareness in recent years, and was the first Nigerian to come out as gay on national TV. He has called the UK his home ever since successfully seeking asylum in 2009.

Alimi has now turned his attention to entering Nigerian politics, a potentially risky aspiration considering the country’s anti-gay laws.

Both men and women are forbidden from engaging in same-sex relationships in Nigeria, where the punishments for homosexual acts range from 14 years in prison to death by stoning.

Alimi announced his plans on Twitter on November 19 and was met by a ferocious backlash from anti-gay Nigerians, according to Nigerian Newspapers Today.

Alimi followed up his original announcement with a tweet reading: “It’s not going to be easy and threats will be made, but Nigeria belongs to all of us.”

He has reportedly received the following horrific threats after his announcement:

Victor E. J. Marshall: “The thunder that will fire ya fagged anus is still gaining pressure in mountain of fire redemption camp.”

John Fayar Optional: “Tell him to come on time so that he can put things in place before the campaign.pleas don’t forget to come with the first lady . So that u both can die together….Na silent pistol I go buy wait whona.”

Muoghalu Simon: “We are happily waiting. We shall gather our hands and beat you to stupor.”

Alimi has yet to publicly confirm what exactly his political aspirations are, or respond to the threats made against him.