Kennedy grandson arrested ‘defending gay friend’ in bar fight

A member of the Kennedy dynasty has been arrested – after allegedly leaping to the defence of a gay friend who was being harassed in a bar.

22-year-old Conor Kennedy, the grandsonson of Robert F Kennedy, was arrested after an altercation at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Aspen, Colorado.

According to the Aspen Times, the fight started when a group of men hurled a homophobic slur at a gay friend of Kennedy’s.

Kennedy, a Harvard rugby player, asked the men to apologise, but the altercation turned physical and a fight broke out.

He was arrested and has been charged with disorderly conduct.

His father Robert F Kennedy Jr confirmed the incident, telling the Aspen Times he was proud of his son for defending his friend.

The environmental lawyer insisted: “Conor has always reacted against bullying. I’m happy he stood up for his friend.

“I’m very sorry it turned into a police incident, [Conor’s] not liking the attention.”

A further statement from Kennedy’s representatives confirmed: “Multiple witnesses to the incident have reported that two men assaulted Conor Kennedy after he rebuked them for directing a homophobic slur and threats to his close friend.

“They also report that Mr. Kennedy was cooperative, compliant and respectful toward the police from the moment they arrived on the scene.

“Mr. Kennedy looks forward to a full airing of the incident.”

Police say they are “following up” on Kennedy’s allegations of homophobia relating to the incident.

Conor Kennedy is an ex-boyfriend of the country singer Taylor Swift.

He is the grandson of late New York Senator Robert F Kennedy, and the great nephew of John F Kennedy.