This is how campaigners are advocating for Chechens across the world

Demonstrators in London lay roses on a rainbow flag as they protest purge of gay men in Chechnya

Since the news of the purge in Chechnya broke earlier this year, campaigners across the world have been working to advocate for gay men in the region.

From protests outside of Russian embassies and petitions delivered to the Kremlin, thousands of people are fighting for the injustices done against gay Chechens.

Amnesty International has revealed what their activists have been doing across the world as part of the international outcry.

In Washington DC, activists protested outside of the Russian Ambassador’s residence and demanded an investigation.

Australian activists handed thousands of signatures on a petition to the Russian Consulate in Sydney.

In the Netherlands, 44,700 signatures were collected on a petition that called for the end of the persecution.

They also released 100 black balloons, each with a rainbow coloured ribbon attached to signify the 100 men who are believed to be victims of the purge.

Spanish rallies donned black hoods and stood outside of the Russian Embassy.

In Berlin, an activist stood naked in a mock cage wrapped in a rainbow flag.

Campaigners from London, France and more have also held numerous protests against the purge.

Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta revealed the persecution against gay men in Chechnya in April. Since then, LGBT groups have desperately tried to help gay men escape from the region in Russia.

The Russian LGBT Network reported saving more than 40 men earlier this month where living conditions are “deadly dangerous” for gay men.

A number of heart-breaking stories from the region have been shared, including reports of parents of gay people who were issued a warning to kill their children before police killed them in torture camps.

Activists are seeking out emergency humanitarian visas for gay men looking to flee.

France was one of the first to grant the visa. The refugee from the region who is now living in the country opened up about living in Chechnya and how he escaped.

Germany also just welcomed a man who escaped from the purge.

The European Parliament has called for an “immediate, independent and objective” investigation on the persecution and the US, UK and Germany that have challenged Putin.

It is believed that the concentration camp where gay men were being sent to be tortured and killed has been destroyed and those who have been detained have been by authorities moved to a new location.