Hot guys crushing stereotypes – our 10 faves in Charli XCX’s new video ‘Boys’

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Last week, Charli XCX released the self-directed video to her single ‘Boys,’ and it’s safe to say people are pretty excited about it.

She wanted to reverse the classic tropes of music videos, which often feature scantily clad women dancing around the artist, to put the men on display instead.

Against a backdrop of “millennial pink,” a total of 75 male celebrities appear doing everything from washing a car, to playing with babies, to pillow fights, and we could watch it all day.

Hot guys crushing stereotypes – our 10 faves in Charli XCX’s new video ‘Boys’

The video has racked up over 4.5 million views on Youtube already.

In an interview with BBC1’s Annie Mac, Charli XCX said “They’re basically doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in videos.

“I started thinking about all the guys that I’ve worked with or met [throughout all] my years in the industry… I just want to flip the male gaze on its head and have you guys do the sexy stuff.”

It’s spawned some great online reactions too. Leah Prit, who you may know as the fiancé of 2013 Bake Off’s Ruby Tandoh, started a Twitter thread inviting people to submit their own.

They included gems such as “Andrew Scott waiting for tea to brew,” “Frank Ocean peeling an apple with a knife,” “Tom Hardy making a daisy chain” and “Ryan Gosling pairing socks”

The video is an ode to masculinity in all its forms – showing men of all different races, body types and looks.

This video shows that men can cuddle teddy bears, wear pink, do housework, and still be sexy and fun.

So, without further, ado, here are our top 10 picks from the video.

10. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas
(photo from Youtube)

The YouTuber and Vine star didn’t hold back, wielding a sparking chainsaw, shirtless, like everyone’s fantasy.

9. Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff
(photo from Youtube)

Points for the sexy weight lifting, but minus points for not really getting the anti-stereotype memo.

8. Fai Khadra

Fai Khadra
(photo from Youtube)

Ok, so in fairness we didn’t know who this guy was (apparently he’s a singer) but he is beautiful so he makes the list.

7. Ezra Koenig

Ezra Koenig
(photo from Youtube)

The Vampire Weekend frontman brushes his teeth, while Mark Ronson combs his hair in the background.

6. Khalid

(from @thegr8khalid on Instagram)

The Texan singer juggles pink and blue puppies in a very cute visual representation of playing with the gender binary.

5. Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan
(from @tom.grennan on Instagram)

When this 20-year-old isn’t working on his debut album, he’s apparently doing Charli XCX’s washing up, and looking very cute doing it.

4. Riz Ahmed

Hot guys crushing stereotypes – our 10 faves in Charli XCX’s new video ‘Boys’
(photo from Youtube)

The Rogue One star unashamedly shows his soft side as he snuggles up with a giant teddy bear.

3. Tinie Tempah

 Tinie Tempah
(from @tiniegram on Instagram)

Dogs again. Because Charli XCX knows the only thing better than a hot guy, is a hot guy holding a puppy.

2. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas
(From @joejonas on Instagram)

One third of the Disney trio tucks into an impressive stack of pancakes, but the real credit has to be for the most seductive licking of a milk moustache we’ve ever seen.

1. Tom Daley

Tom Daley
(photo from Youtube)

Because he’s the sweetheart of the nation, and he won a world championship this month, first place has got to go to cheeky-grin-in-the-shower Tom Daley.

Watch the full Charli XCX ‘Boys’ music video here:

Who’s your favourite in the ‘Boys’ video? Do let us know in the comments box below.