Charli XCX recruits trans Barbie star Hari Nef for new ‘360’ music video

Trans icons Blizy McGuire and Hari Nef in Charli XCX's 360 music video.

Pop superstar Charli XCX has gathered the dolls for her new “360” music video, recruiting trans celebrities including Barbie star Hari Nef and model and influencer Alex Consani.

Bottoms actress Rachel Sennott, We Are Who We Are’s Chloë Sevigny, and Uncut Gems star Julia Fox also feature in the video, which fans are dubbing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” for “people with crumbs in their bed” – aka, the terminally online generation.

The video, directed by Aidan Zamiri, begins with LGBTQ+ ally Charli arriving at a mother convention – or, for the heterosexuals among us, dinner – where Sennott, Fox and a group of other Internet It girls are gathered to deal with a crisis. 

Charli wants to sing her new song, but she can’t – at least not until the emergency is resolved.

“We have to fulfil the prophecy of finding a new, hot internet girl. That’s literally why we’re at dinner,” says Nasty Cherry band member Gabbriette.

“Or else our kind will cease to exist, for ever,” adds Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry.

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Also gathered at the table is non-binary model and writer Richie Shazam.

After the group select their waiter to be the world’s new viral obsession, the girls give her instructions on how to get supreme levels of clout, declaring that she must “have this je ne sais quoi”, be “really hot, in like a scary way”, and “have to be, like, known, but at the same time unknowable”.

As Charli finally kick-starts her song, she straddles a man in a hospital bed, and pours red wine on her chest, before posing alongside a car pile-up.

Trans social media celeb Blizzy McGuire also stars, alongside YouTuber Emma Chamberlain.

Predictably, the extensive guest star list has sent social media users of the gay kind into a frenzy, with some comparing it to female ensemble film Ocean’s 8, and others calling it “life-changing”.

“360” is the latest single from Charli XCX’s forthcoming album Brat, following the release of “Von Dutch”, “B2B” and “Club Classics”.

Brat is available to stream from 7 June.

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