Whitney Houston’s close friends say she ‘was in a lesbian relationship with her assistant’

Whitney Houston was bisexual and had an affair with her best friend, friends of the late singer have claimed.

An explosive new film aids long-running speculation that Houston was dating her childhood pal and assistant, Robyn Crawford.

The revelations come in explosive new docu-film Whitney: Can I Be Me, due to air on BBC Two September 2nd.

The films reveals never before seen backstage footage of the superstar – shedding new light on decades of rumours about her sexuality.

Houston and Crawford first met in 1979 as teenagers at a community centre in East Orange, New Jersey.

Rumours followed the women throughout their careers, including while the singer was married to Bobby Brown.

“Robyn and Whitney were like twins,” security personnel Kevin Ammons tell Broomfield.

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“They were inseparable. They had a bond and Bobby Brown could never remove Robyn. He wanted to be the man in the relationship.”

“I don’t think she was gay, I think she was bisexual,” stylist Ellin Lavar reveals in the movie.

“Robyn provided a safe place for her … in that Whitney found safety and solace.”

Whitney Houston’s former husband has corroborated reports that his ex-wife had a love affair with her longtime assistant.

Brown also claimed that if Houston had stayed with Robyn Crawford, she might never have died.

“I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today,” Brown told Us Weekly.

“She didn’t have close friends with her anymore.”

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Brown told the magazine that Houston had been bisexual.

“I know,” Brown said of the relationship.

“We were married for 14 years. There are some things we talked about that were personal to us.”

The singer repeatedly denied rumours she was in a relationship with her close companion Crawford, however.

Following her daughter’s death, Houston’s mother revealed to Oprah Winfrey that had her daughter been gay, she would “absolutely” have had a problem with it.

During the interview, Oprah read the section of the book where Cissy Houston wrote: “I knew I didn’t want Robyn near my daughter and I told Nippy [the family’s pet name for Whitney] that.

Questioned by Oprah, Cissy Houston admitted she “didn’t really like” Crawford, saying she spoke “disrespectful”.

When Oprah asked if she would have been “bothered” if her daughter was a lesbian, she replied: “Absolutely.”

Whitney: Can I Be Me airs on BBC Two, September 2nd at 21:00.