This transphobic politician’s sister destroyed him in the best way

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A transphobic politician was dealt a double blow this week when he was defeated in an election, then was slammed by his own sister.

Bob Marshall had been the incumbent for the last 26 years until his history-making defeat in November’s election for the Virginia House of Delegates by Danica Roem.

Roem, a journalist and heavy metal vocalist, became the first transgender person to be elected to the Virginian state legislature.

Marshall was consistently opposed to LGBT+ rights during his time in office, co-authoring Virginia’s now-defunct constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

In January, the politician proposed a bill that would require teachers to out transgender pupils to their parents, even if the student feared a negative response.

This bill would have also banned gender-neutral bathrooms in public buildings.

In 2014, Marshall called for the state’s Attorney General to be impeached for supporting “sodomy marriage”.

Throughout the recent election campaign, Marshall refused to debate Roem or refer to her as a woman.

Marshall’s campaign leaflets also referred to Roem as “him.”

In August, Marshall challenged a journalist for correctly gendering Roem, saying: “Why do you call Danica a female? Did Danica’s DNA change?”

This transphobic politician’s sister destroyed him in the best way
(Danica Roem)

Danica Roem won the election 46% to 54% earlier this week, which saw several elections across the United States won by LGBT+ people.

When asked to comment on Marshall’s actions during the campaign, Roem said: “Starting next year, Delegate Marshall will be one of my constituents, and I’m not going to attack my own constituents. ”

Bob Marshall’s sister was slightly less measured in her response.

In a Facebook post, Paula Marshall Nucci tore down her brother’s hate-filled campaign.

This transphobic politician’s sister destroyed him in the best way
(Photo: Paula Marshall Nucci / Facebook)

Marshall Nucci wrote: “He wouldn’t debate [Roem], he wouldn’t call her ‘her’ or ‘she’.”

“Maybe if he weren’t so judgmental and homophobic, he could have lost with dignity.

She continued: “I’m not happy my brother lost his job, but all I can say is, karma brother.”


In her acceptance speech, Roem had a brilliant message for Donald Trump and all of those who hold anti-LGBT+ values.