Youtube star Elle Mills comes out in incredible video

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Vlogger Elle Mills has come out as bisexual in an adorable and humourous video.

The Youtube star, who is currently followed by more than half a million people, told fans that her sexuality was something she had struggled to talk to people close to her about, leaving her depressed.

In a tearful piece to camera halfway through the video, however, she said she was ‘ready’ to open up.

“I’m a little scared,” she continues. “Growing up, there’s always been like a negative undertone about the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’m scared that my relationships with the people in my life right now are going to be different, and people are going to look at me differently.”

During the opening scenes of the video she notes now she “gets one question asked more than anything”, cutting to a montage of questions about her sexuality.

“This is my coming out story”, she announces

Watch: Elle Mills’ coming out video

The online personality goes onto to describe how she first came out to a man she had known for less than an hour on the way to a club.

She then goes on to reveal her sexuality to her family and friends in a series of cute and inventive ways.

Describing to her friends her crush with ‘hazel eyes’ and ‘tattoos’, she then asks them to draw who they think she is describing.

Presenting her with a series of different portraits, they’re initially shocked – but soon delighted – to discover her crush is actually a woman.

Continuing on to reveal her news to her mum, Elle enlists the help of her friends to buy a selection of rainbow wrap her house in.

She finished the video, which has now been watched almost a million times, by reintroducing herself: “I’m Elle Mills and I’m bisexual”.

It’s not the first time a Youtuber has come out via a video. Earlier this year Dodie Clark went viral, after posting a beautiful coming out song.