Britney Spears fans crashed Brighton Pride’s website again and the responses are hilarious

Fans of Britney Spears have once again crashed the Brighton Pride website after a scramble for tickets to the queen of pop’s event on August 4.

Last week it was announced that Britney would be headlining at Brighton Pride on 4 August, and the website for tickets crashed immediately.

The second batch of Pride Festival tickets went on sale yesterday, but due to the high demand, the website crashed and users were met with a 504 Gateway Time-out message.

Organisers explained that the website was ‘struggling to cope’ in a statement posted on the Brighton Pride Twitter.


The flood took down the site for a few hours and organisers tweeted once again to apologise and inform the fans that they were forced to ‘suspend’ the second release of tickets because of the technical issues.

They have migrated ticket sales to Ticketmaster in order to cope with the high demand.


The debacle prompted some hilarious responses on Twitter as users joked that the error message they were met with was clearly a leak of Britney’s “news” album.

One user said: “CONFIRMED: 504 Gateway Time-out is the new album by @Britneyspears #brightonpride #pride #britney #pieceofme #leaked”


Others joked that the error message was the biggest homophobe of the year.

“504 Gateway Time-out.” 2018’s biggest homophobe so far. #BrightonPride #Britney,” wrote one person.


Others took to usual Twitter etiquette and meme’d in response to the error.

One user shared a Kris Jenner gif, writing: “You broke the internet all morning hun @britneyspears *celebratory emojis* #LEGEND #queeeeeeeen #BrightonPride”.


Another referenced Mean Girls, tweeting: “Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by “504 Gateway Time-Out” @PrideBrighton” with a gif.


In recent years, Brighton Pride Festival has had some of the biggest headliners including Years & Years and the Pet Shop Boys.

The festival was due to have Ruby Rose play, however she pulled out at the last minute due to sickness.

The controversy is causing many people worry as they fear that Britney may also pull out from the lineup, and then the festival will have very few people because they are going to see Britney rather than celebrate Pride.

One person wrote: “I really wish Britney had been seperate to the main festival. Then people who wanted to go see her could do that, and the rest of us could go to Preston Park as usual… not gonna lie, I’d love to see her too but feel kinda like the best pride festival has been crashed by Britney fans.”

“So Ticketmaster are advertising it as a Britney concert which totally takes away what Pride is all about. What is usually a safe and relaxed place for us to celebrate, is now a “Britney concert” shame pride organisers shame. I’ll be heading into town to where the true meaning of pride will not be diluted,” another added.