Gay Australian couple celebrate wedding with ‘no’ campaign marriage confetti

There’s no-one who can throw shade quite like us queers.

Over our lifetimes, we’ve developed a skilful bullshit threshold and a somewhat artful form of resilience when it comes to beating the homophobes down.

That’s why we have to bow down when it comes to one gay Australian couple, who will be using same-sex marriage posters from the no campaign as confetti at their wedding.

Stuart Henshall and James Brechney, who are based in Sydney, will be getting married at the 40th Mardi Gras with one particular style note in mind.

“We thought wouldn’t it be cool to get married at Mardi Gras for the 40th anniversary,” Mr Brechney said to ABC News.

“So it’s been a bit of a rush but no regrets yet, it’s been amazing.”

The couple will be saying ‘I do’ on top of a giant wedding cake float as it pulls into Sydney’s Taylor Square on Saturday night.

Discussing the importance of Mardi Gras, the couple said they wanted to have a wedding that celebrates the cornerstone of the Australian LGBT+ movement.

“The thing with Mardi Gras is the floats don’t stop for anybody,” Brechney said.

“You’ve got to keep moving your truck so we’ve quickly got to swap the rings, say I do, sign the forms, throw a confetti canon and we’ll be married right there in the heart of Oxford Street.”

“The first float was that year, it was a ute with a very small sound system and they played four LGBTQI songs off the truck and that’s how the parade was born,” he said.

“It wasn’t just in 1978 though, they were getting together throughout the ’70s, numerous different activist groups, and calling for gay rights.

“We’re all indebted to all of those wonderful people.”